Monday, June 1, 2015

Goodbye Graduates 2015

It has been another successful school year for this high school teacher. It was not without its stresses and challenges. I mean, I assumed the role of department chair where I worked with two new teachers who eventually chose to leave us for other schools. My co-worker had her first baby and I wanted to make sure her students and grades were taken care of because I know what it is like to "worry" about your classes while on maternity leave. As a school, we dealt with end of course and end of year exams which were a disaster because they were poorly made. Did I mention that these tests are tied to teacher evaluations? Yea. SUPER FUN!?!?

However, this post is not about ranting about the hassles and woes of teaching. This is a reflection on my year with my graduating seniors. For the last five years, I have presented the "Psychology Award" at the senior award ceremony which usually starts with a speech written by yours truly. Here is the one I wrote last year. I always look forward to my closing remarks to my students, It is a bitter sweet moment.

Here is my 2015 speech:

In honor of this year's graduating class, I will keep this speech short and sweet. And to further emulate the class of 2015, I will have you know that I wrote this speech about an hour ago! #truestory #thestruggleisreal

No matter how you are feeling about graduation: relieved, unsure, or just grateful to be here; I hope that you take time to savor the moment because all too soon  your next chapter will begin whether you are ready or not.

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life! Tip toe if must, but take the step. Growth can be painful. Change can be uncomfortable, but nothing is as painful and uncomfortable as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong and that leaves you unhappy and with "what ifs." So choose wisely and learn from your choices and grow from any mistakes you make along the way.

Now that the sentimentality is out of the way--it is my pleasure to recognize the psychology and sociology volunteer of the year. This young lady maintained highest marks all year long while working, dual enrolling and helping manage the boy's soccer team. I can not imagine this year without her. I would like to recognize. Miss CJ!!

There were some hugs and tears and an epic on stage selfie!! Yea I am that teacher!

Thanks for all the memories Class of 2015! It was real...sometimes a real struggles and other times a real blast! Until we meet again.

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