Thursday, September 18, 2014

Momma's Gonna Blow Her Gasket

I could feel myself getting angry.
I am not a 100% sure why.
Was it the fact that Little Miss refused to eat her dinner?
Is it s combination of things?

I really kind of want to yell....really LOUD.
I don't. I want to, but I don't.
I can feel the tenseness rising within me
Ready to erupt in an undeserved explosion of emotion.
My family the victims of this emotional mess.

Is my voice scratchy?
Oh God, I hope not. Just my luck sickness.

Man, I am in a crappy mood.
The Hubs has noticed.
Little Miss hasn't. She just wants to play.
Where did my joy go?

I want to run and lock myself in my room.
Stay calm.
This too shall pass.
Don't loose it.
Don't take your bad mood out on other people.

This evening "feels" tough.
It started out fine.
I hope some quiet time and sleep calm my
Inner storm of stress and frustrations of
No definitive source.

Parenthood is not simple.
Life is not simple.
Both can be good--just not 100% of the time.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Poof Energy Gone

Jack Sparrow has asked on several occasions, "Where has all the rum gone?" I am asking, "Where has my energy gone?" Ugh.

It's just that time of year, time of the month, season in my life where I have days where I am pooped!!! Am I getting old? No, It's more than that.

I stay busy---both physically and mentally. It's better than the alternative I suppose.

{I am starting to sound a little whiny.}

I have to find my balance/center again. We all have our ups and downs. This is nothing new for me. I've had moments like this before.

The energy will return maybe with a quick nap or taking things off my plate (but where is the fun in that last point?) 

I am truly blessed in so many ways.

Be grateful.

Be thankful.

Give your best to your God and family first and everything else can wait it's turn.

Do you know what I mean?  It's not important that I've missed a couple days in the photography challenge. It's not a crazy big deal that there are still chores to be done. We clean up to clean up in this house. #lifewithathreeyearold

Be grateful.

Be thankful.

Give your best to your God and family first and everything else can wait it's turn.

I did manage to pick up my DSLR this week. I haven't done that in a while. I saw my little Miss playing with toilet paper while going potty. she was waving it in the air like a "beautiful streamer." I ran for my camera as fast as I could. I didn't get the waving, but I liked the shot I got before she was done. It's a right of passage to get a potty shot right? 
I made a quick collage on Picmonkey after fun little edits with color. Which one do you like the best?I think my favs are the B&W one and the one on the bottom right.

Moments with my family = important.

The fact that I haven't had anyone want to do a homecoming photo shoot = not so important

Good health. Strong Marriage = important

Knowing with to say yes and when to say no = important



Be grateful.

Be thankful.

Give your best to your God and family first and everything else can wait it's turn.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Life Snap Shot: 9/6/14

Inspired by a post from Pip. Here is a little life snap shot of yours truly. Play along. Answer a few in the comments or leave a link if you post. 
Making : No effort to do much because it is 6:44 am.
Cooking : Nothing yet, but I am planning on making some breakfast sandwiches here in a little while.
Drinking : My morning cup of coffee with one splenda and pumpkin spice creamer.
Reading: Nothing at the moment. SHOCK. GASP. DISMAY. Does anyone have any good recommendations?
Wanting: To do another photo shoot soon. Now that I am back to work I have a little less time, but I would like to continue photography and get better.
Looking: At camera accessories on Amazon.
Playing: Little Miss is play on my Ipad right next to me. She is coloring.
Wasting: I don't think "waking up slowly and leisurely" counts as wasting time, does it?
Wishing: I could sleep in more on the weekends rather than get up before Little Miss.
Enjoying: The morning quiet and relaxation on the couch before the hustle and bustle of the day.
Waiting: For this Dora the Explorer episode to be over. This show drives me nuts, but Little Miss love it.
Liking: Statement necklaces. I bought my first one this week at Wal-Mart for $10.
Wondering: When my hubby is going to get up?
Loving: My fall decor. I am looking forward to a little girl time tomorrow to visit a craft store with a friend.
Hoping: Fori good weather today. We are hoping to do some family activities today. Originally, we were thinking the zoo, but now we are going to the circus
Marveling: At the love in my family. We said goodbye to my uncle this week. It was sad, but we surrounded each other with love and support.
Needing: To book this year's family photo shoot.
Smelling: No a whole lot. One of my nostrils is a little clogged. Morning problems.
Wearing: My PJs. No further details will be provided.
Following: A several photographers on Facebook. I love a good picture.
Noticing: The sun is starting to come up.
Thinking: The grocery list that needs to be put together and eventually purchased at the stores.
Knowing: I have a lot to do in order to be ready for Little Miss' first big themed birthday party in November.
Focusing: On completing my September photo a day challenge.
Bookmarking: Ideas for birthday gifts for myself. The Hubby likes to have a list to work from.
Opening: The local Winn Dixie flyer because I need to go shopping today. Groceries never seem to buy themselves.
Giggling: It's too early to giggle. Sorry.
Feeling: A little short tempered because Little Miss woke up early and was in a "mood." I am not a morning person as it is and dealing with a stubborn toddler is not always the best mix.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Let's Get Photographing 30 Day Challenge

I am getting the urge to attempt another 30 day Challenge! Que "Eye of the Tiger" background music. Two years ago, I completed a 30 writing challenge which was great because it got me writing again.

This time I think I will do a little less writing and a little more picture taking with my fancy schmancy new camera or even my camera phone if my DSLR is not handy. I came across the this challenge on Pinterest.

I am excited to start this next blog journey and I can't wait to share it with you! Follow me on Instagram for the day to day and challenge photos!

My first photo of the challenge is my first drink of the day: COFFEE!

I love my pumpkin spice coffee creamer. It makes it feel more like fall even though fall in Florida is more like summer.

Will you join me on this challenge? Post your pictures from the week to my Facebook page!