About Me

Welcome! Thanks for visiting my Simple Significance blog! I hope you have as much fun visiting and reading as I do writing!

What makes you--you? What can I include to paint a clearer picture of me?
My name is Danielle and I am 28 years old. I am a married woman going on six years now with my partner in life and "crime" Matthew. Together, we are parents to a beautiful 2.5 year old. The core of who I am is this My goal is to live a purpose driven, simple yet significant life one day at a time. I am a wife, teacher, mother, occasional cook, bibliophile (i.e. I love to read) and newbie photographer! I am a little crafty and I love coupons! Yes, I am that person always looking for a bargain! Hello, clearance rack!

Why did I start a blog? What keeps me blogging?
I stared blogging in the summer of 2012 after I saw some friends on Facebook doing little blog posts about their side businesses. I read their posts frequently and as I did, I thought to myself, "Hey I can do that!" My inner voice was cheering
me on saying you're witty, confident, and usually have something to say! Plus, you can write grammatically correct sentences! People will read you.

So, I created a little blog website on blog.com and started writing throughout the summer. I wrote about what I saw, read online, cooked and life as a mommy. I loved writing. It was fun, new and exciting, but I was a little shy about sharing my posts with friends and family. Weird, right? Would they silently judge and chastise me? Plus, I was having to juggle caring for an infant while I was "secretly writing." So, unfortunately, my initial run was short lived. I composed maybe 20 posts and stopped writing when I went back to work in August (remember I'm a teacher).

Flash to summer of 2013...another summer vacation and I feel the need to WRITE AGAIN! You know what they say about idle hands! It is amazing what I can accomplish with a little free time! This time is different because I found a cool little 30 day writing challenge on Pinterest that had interesting focused topics. I didn't have to come up with things on my own! My goal then was clear. Blog.com wasn't working out for me (too glitchy) so I moved to blogger and the rest is history...well, more the present.

I got such great feed back from my friends and family on Facebook with each of my challenge or life posts! I am completely tickled by the whole thing. So pretty much, when my daughter is napping or off to bed this mommy is looking for a chance to work on her next post!

Some of my favorite posts thus far: The Great Door Locking, A Life Well Lived, Significant Relationships, This is Why I Teach and The Stinky Number 2. Please take some time after you get your fill of me on this page and check them out!

What do you hope readers will come away with after a visit? When you read my blog, I hope that you hear me in all my posts, opinions and adventures. I want you to laugh with me and connect with the honesty I am trying to convey. Like me, I promise to keep things short and sweet...simple but significant.

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