Saturday, September 6, 2014

Life Snap Shot: 9/6/14

Inspired by a post from Pip. Here is a little life snap shot of yours truly. Play along. Answer a few in the comments or leave a link if you post. 
Making : No effort to do much because it is 6:44 am.
Cooking : Nothing yet, but I am planning on making some breakfast sandwiches here in a little while.
Drinking : My morning cup of coffee with one splenda and pumpkin spice creamer.
Reading: Nothing at the moment. SHOCK. GASP. DISMAY. Does anyone have any good recommendations?
Wanting: To do another photo shoot soon. Now that I am back to work I have a little less time, but I would like to continue photography and get better.
Looking: At camera accessories on Amazon.
Playing: Little Miss is play on my Ipad right next to me. She is coloring.
Wasting: I don't think "waking up slowly and leisurely" counts as wasting time, does it?
Wishing: I could sleep in more on the weekends rather than get up before Little Miss.
Enjoying: The morning quiet and relaxation on the couch before the hustle and bustle of the day.
Waiting: For this Dora the Explorer episode to be over. This show drives me nuts, but Little Miss love it.
Liking: Statement necklaces. I bought my first one this week at Wal-Mart for $10.
Wondering: When my hubby is going to get up?
Loving: My fall decor. I am looking forward to a little girl time tomorrow to visit a craft store with a friend.
Hoping: Fori good weather today. We are hoping to do some family activities today. Originally, we were thinking the zoo, but now we are going to the circus
Marveling: At the love in my family. We said goodbye to my uncle this week. It was sad, but we surrounded each other with love and support.
Needing: To book this year's family photo shoot.
Smelling: No a whole lot. One of my nostrils is a little clogged. Morning problems.
Wearing: My PJs. No further details will be provided.
Following: A several photographers on Facebook. I love a good picture.
Noticing: The sun is starting to come up.
Thinking: The grocery list that needs to be put together and eventually purchased at the stores.
Knowing: I have a lot to do in order to be ready for Little Miss' first big themed birthday party in November.
Focusing: On completing my September photo a day challenge.
Bookmarking: Ideas for birthday gifts for myself. The Hubby likes to have a list to work from.
Opening: The local Winn Dixie flyer because I need to go shopping today. Groceries never seem to buy themselves.
Giggling: It's too early to giggle. Sorry.
Feeling: A little short tempered because Little Miss woke up early and was in a "mood." I am not a morning person as it is and dealing with a stubborn toddler is not always the best mix.

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