Thursday, February 5, 2015

{Project 365} Day 32-36

Day 32 “On My Table” f/2, 1/60s, 3200 ISO, 50mm. My tables aren't exquisitely decorated like out of a magazine. This is a quick, basic shot of the end table on my side of the bed.
Day 33 “Comfy” f/2, 1/60s, 1250 ISO, 50mm . I like to wear my HUbby's socks because they are big which to me makes them quite comfy.    

Day 34 “Starts with P” Instagram phone picture when I decided to download some Youtube videos for my classes that day all before 7 am.
Day 35 “Pink” f/1.8, 1/25s, 3200 ISO, 50mm. This is a floor view of my camera bad on the floor.
Day 36 “Old School” (A) f/1.8, 1/60s, 2000 ISO, 50mm. I worked really hard for this letterman jacket in high school. By graduation, I had 16 varsity letters!
(B) f/1.8, 1/60s, 800 ISO, 50mm I added a Black and White action to the picture in Photoshop.

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