Sunday, April 12, 2015

I Want, I Want To Buy

Yesterday I realized I had a running list in my head of things I've been wanting to purchase! I know you know exactly what I mean! So rather than continue to have this list spinning in my head, I decided to write them down via blog.
  1. Office Decor
I am actually knocking a good chunk of this off my list today with a trip to Hobby Lobby! This past weekend, the Hubs and I decided to finally tackle the home office renovation. This has been on the project list forever, but money and more importantly motivation are continuous factors. This weekend our helpful handyman is coming to paint the walls. Our ceilings are vaulted and the Hubs and I are not comfortable that high on the ladder for a painting.

After the painting, the Hubby is going to pull up the carpet and we
are going to lay tile down. Anyway, my part will come in with the decorating not so much the manual labor part. Typical woman, right? LOL I've decided to go with a simple nautical theme to go along with two paintings the Hubs decided to hang from his parents old restaurant. This room is not going to be all yo-ho sailor mind you because this chick gets office space too! I want to add girly touches with a modern chic feel. Does that make sense? I'll post pictures to better convey my personal office space.

2. Young Living Essential Oils
I've recently gotten into essentials oils. I started looking into them after Little Miss got a wicked sinus infection. Well, a couple of people I know used oils so I stared talking to them and researching different brands and I finally decided to buy a Young Living Premium Starter Kit. It's really the best deal because you get 11 oils and a diffuser.
Now that I have gotten started, I want more! Figures right?! Here is a quick run down of the next oils and accessories I want to buy: Cedarwood EO, RC EO, Peace & Calming EO, organic coconut oil and a carrying case to more neatly store my growing collection.

3. Makeup 
I ordered my first Ipsy bag. I believe it is going to be delivered next week. High end make up is new to me. I declared my want to learn on my 30 before 30 list. I've gone to Sephora twice and loved the purchases I made. My face is clearer too! Bonus for less blemishes. Well, Sephora is pricey and my cousin recommended Ipsy as a way to try more products for a smaller cost, Plus, it's mailed to the house! So I can say/rationalize that I am saving gas too!? Here is an example of some bags that I found on the internet: 
4. Pink High Heels
I bought a new dress for Easter. Sorry  picture. It is a white dress with multiple floral patterns. Well to make a long story short I only own one pair of high heels and they are black. Something about this dress made me want to buy a new pair of shoes and dog-gone-it I will. At some point...

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