Sunday, April 19, 2015

My First Wedding Photography Style

If you know me or have been following me, you know that I recently photographed a wedding this past March. However, I have been so busy editing and dealing with life that I never got around to writing about it on the blog like I usually do. So as the editing nears completion (plus the fact that I have the motivation to blog), I want to share with some of my favorite pictures and how the day went from my point of view behind the lens!

Looking back at my own wedding, I wanted to be sure to capture the details for the bride and groom because there are things and moments that will fade with time. A picture, however, will capture the moment forever.
 If there is one thing I noticed about the bridal party, I would say that there was tons and tons of love.
 I think this walking shot is one of my favorites of the day. The classic shoes and the sway of the dresses is breathtaking,

 Who doesn't like a sassy pose? These girls were game for the more fun and nontraditional poses! Which I loved because it really shows more personality.
True friends will always be at your side. I've known these girls since they were students in my Psychology class! They are brilliant, hilarious and have each other's back no matter what! It was so great to catch up with them.

This lovely young lady made the sweetest groomsmen! The bow tie was adorable!

 There is something striking about a serious, pensive pose don't you think?

 These guys were also a fun and charismatic group. Their laid back style made my job easy!
 I was going for a "Beatles" like scene of walking across the road. I kind of wish I had more time to try different angles, but there was traffic and we were on a schedule.
 I love, love, love the smiles in this pictures! They are so genuine and the joke being told was funny too!
The groom had so much love in his eyes for this high school sweet heart. Can you see it? 
 These two wanted to be traditional. They had not seen each other all day! This kiss was beautiful! I have a few first kiss shots, but this is one of my favorites.
 Are we done taking pictures yet? I am ready to go eat? LOL!
 Can you spot the hidden Mickey? The bride and groom had their love of Disney apart of so many aspects of their big day!
 Hold me close and never let me go!
 The Happily Ever After Cake was delicious! The cake is one of the most important aspects of the reception I think! It's why I go to weddings!
So now that you're married what are you going to do? Go to Disney World of course!

Sam and Katie,thank you again for choosing me to be apart of your special day. It was truly an honor and a privilege. I hope you love your pictures and find your favorites within the mix. Love each other. Keep life simple and significant. God Bless.

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