Sunday, September 22, 2013

Life Snap Shot

Inspired by a post from Pip. Here is a little life snap shot of yours truly. Play along. Answer a few in the comments or leave a link if you post.
Making : I am thinking about making gingerbread cookies soon. Thinking about it counts, right?
Cooking : Turkey bacon for breakfast
Drinking : Coffee with French vanilla creamer and one Splenda.
Reading: reached by Ally Condie (book 3 in the Matched Series)
Wanting: to decorate more for fall and pumpkin spiced lattes.
Looking: At pictures I took on my camera for my blog post
Playing: Letting Little Miss Play (more like pull) with my hair
Wasting: Time on Pinterest. Obviously.
Wishing: I could sleep in more on the weekends rather than get up before Little Miss.
Enjoying: A slow morning before a busy afternoon at a birthday party for my niece.
Waiting: for my hubby to get home from helping his parents with some manual labor stuff.
Liking: Sweets! Looking forward to some birthday cake today @ my niece's party.
Wondering: When my hubby is going to get up?
Loving: Morning cuddle time on the couch with Little Miss watching cartoons.
Hoping: The Love Bugs go away soon.
Marveling: At the fact my neighbors aren't more annoyed at their incessantly barking dog. I know I am.
Needing: A date night. Followed by a girls night.
Smelling: My Ashland Spice Market Candle I bought last weekend at Michaels.
Wearing: My Jammies--T-shirt and sweat pants.
Following: Dave Ramsey's daughter, Rachel Cruze on Facebook.
Noticing: A touch of Fall in the air? Maybe just a little because it's Florida and perpetually hot.
Thinking: The Grocery List that needs to be put together and eventually purchased at the stores.
Knowing: I've got new shows to watch on Netflix like Season 2 of New Girl and Revenge.
Focusing: on relaxing while I can and not stressing about "all the things that need to be done."
Bookmarking: Some books on Amazon that I would like to eventually download on my Kindle.
Opening: Some yogurt for my breakfast--Dannon Light and Fit.
Giggling: I love making my daughter laugh. Her giggles are contagious!
Feeling: Tired. I want a nap, but that isn't going to happen today.

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