Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Angel Tree Giving

I consider myself to be a very blessed. We have a safe and loving home. My hubs and I are able to work and provide for our family’s wants and needs. We have a beautiful, smart, healthy daughter who we love with all our hearts. There is not a lot we could ask for outside of continued good health.

At church this past Sunday in the lobby, it was hard not to miss the Christmas trees with cards attached. The purpose of this post is not to rant about how we haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving yet so why is there is big push/commercialization of Christmas. In my heart of hearts, I know why these trees are displayed so early. It’s because they are Angel Trees for kids from families in need.

It’s heartbreaking for me to think about the hundreds (maybe thousands) of kids who go without each and every day. Growing up, my family didn’t have a lot. My Dad would be between jobs here and there and my mom was a waitress. We were by no means wealthy, but Christmas was always a special time of gifts, family and food.

Personally, I haven’t lost the wonderment and awe of this holiday. It is my favorite by far!!! I want to buy gifts for everyone and decorate every nook and cranny. So when I saw those Angel trees this year, it gave me pause.

Little Miss was so in awe of the “pretty lights” that she tried to blow them out like candles. It was sweet. While we were circling this one tree in particular, I looked over the gift requests for boys and girls of all ages---boxing gloves, shoes, dolls and cars. Their likes and wants listed in varying lengths. I cry a little at the thought that one of these kids might not get what they want even if it is a small request.
I decided then and there that my family would adopt an Angel Tree request this year. My plan is for Little Miss to select a card off the tree and that’s who we will buy gifts for this Christmas. This simple, but significant decision affects my family and the family we reach out to. God has blessed us greatly. It is only right that we share his blessing with others and be his light.

What will you do this Christmas to help and support others? What example will you set?

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