Thursday, November 7, 2013

I Met Millie Perez

At church Sunday, I met Millie Perez. According to her Google + Bio page, "She recently discovered a love of writing by starting a blog.  I started writing about my background, life experiences and my opinion about certain things; and ended up writing two short novels.  I enjoy cooking, reading and traveling.  All the things that require creativity, mystery and a sense of wonder.  But the most important thing about me is being a servant of God.  I hope to make an impact in as many people as possible. That they would come to know who God is through me, my example and my experiences." Amen to that!

After the service, I had an opportunity to talk with her and I even bought a copy of her book!
It's her first published book. It's small like a novella only 81 pages.  So it was a quick read. I enjoyed it very much. Here 's the Amazon description of the book:

Do You Love Me tells the riveting tale of a mysterious baby found in the dumpster outside of a hospital late one snowy night. As an adult, Abigail spent years trying to uncover the mystery behind her birth. A successful doctor in her own right, Abigail has the house, personal chef & high-profile relationship to prove it. However, we quickly get a glimpse of a flawed Abigail, one that many can relate to; despite her much success, she struggles with issues of insecurity. We do not know the depth of her insecurities until we embark on this beautifully crafted story & allow the author to take us on Abigail’s emotional journey of self-discovery & acceptance

I read this book in a day. YES, the self proclaimed bibliophile read the book in a day. Little Miss was with Daddy at Nanny and Papa's so Mama had some free time!

I really liked it. As read it, I wished there was more to read. Don't you hate it when that happens....when you run out of stuff to read? It really is a compliment to the author that you wished there was more to read. The concept was interesting. I connected to the character's and their situations and wanted to know see what would happened next!! 

During the introductions at the church service, it was mentioned that this book was being used in book clubs. I can totally see that! If the book continues to be a successful sell, I would recommend adding a book club guide.

Well dear reader, I will conclude my post here. I would recommend this book for Christian fiction fans, romance fans or anyone who enjoys a "growth and struggle" story.

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