Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ode to Coffee Creamer

I thoroughly enjoy coffee. I drink at least one cup--sometimes two per day. I take it with cream and sugar. I am not a "straight up, industrial strength black coffee."

I can handle powdered creamer when it is the only option, but when I have the choice I prefer flavored creamer. The hubs and I agree on this issue specifically. I usually buy French Vanilla because it's something we both like.

However, it's the holiday season so there are lots of yummy flavored creamers out there and this blog post is in honor of them! It wouldn't be fall without a shout out to Pumpkin Spice!
I recently saw a commercial for Thin Mint creamer! Say what? I love those cookies. I am interested to see what this tastes like.
Did you know that you can freeze liquid creamer? Yes, you can. I scored a great deal on creamer one time at Publix with store and manufacturer coupons and they froze beautifully. You don't have to open them or anything. I've never had one bust or anything!

So thank you Coffemate, International Delight, and Bailey's for making delicious flavors to make my mornings and afternoons more tolerable LOL!

Until next time......keep your coffee strong, but a little sweet!

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