Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mars Fan Here

Any Veronica Mars fans out there? Anyone? Anyone? I will say loud and proud---I am! And you can imagine my excitement when I came across this little gem at Wal-Mart Thursday....
I was so excited and I grabbed it right up because there were only 2 left.  I paid $10! Woot, woot. I wish they would have had all the seasons available for that price.

Did you know that this show was only on for three seasons? Kind of bummer really. I didn't watch it at the time it was on if I am being honest. However, thanks to Netflix I was able to watch all three seasons in a matter of weeks. I was able to do things like that more easily in the B.B. time (before baby).

Fans of this show even helped to raise funds for it to be made into a movie! Kind of cool right? Here is the kickstarter commercial for the movie.
Here is the trailer for the movie.
Okay, so who wants to go see this with me? Let me know ASAP. We'll make a date of it. It will be a blast!

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