Tuesday, January 7, 2014

You know you're a mommy when: Sleeping In

You know you're a mommy when.......you get excited when your kiddo sleeps in!! Happy mommy dance in her bath robe and slippers!
We've always been good about having a bedtime routine for Little Miss, but for some reasons unknown to me she will wake up EARLY! Ugh. On a normal day she will wake up between 7 am and 7:30 am. However, there have been a couple days recently where it's been 6:15 am or 6:30 am.

I normally get up around 6:30ish so I can down so coffee and wake up a little before the attentiveness and activities begin. I try and relish in my last few moments of "me" not mommy time. Anyone else do this?
On those early days, I trudged stumbled fumble walk in there and calm her down. Soon after, we make our way to the couch and begin our morning cartoons or "mooeys" with some good ole chocolate milk! I do love those snuggle on the couch moments. They are one of my favorites. Yes, I treasure them because I know they are not going to last forever.

Yes, sleep deprivation is apart of parenthood. I don't like it.....never did. It does get better (even when You think it won't it does). It's part of the package. It's the simple significance.

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