Saturday, February 22, 2014

Publix Trip 2/22/14

Hello again dear readers and friends! It's that time again where I share with you how I recently saved some of our hard earned money at Publix today. The first transaction that I was particularly proud of was on this toilet paper.

This Charmin 12 pack was on sale for $5 a pack. This isn't my normal brand, but we were getting low and I need some to tide us over until another good deal rolls around. In last Sunday's paper, there was a store coupon for $2 off any purchase of $2 or more. So with this one coupon, I got 12 rolls of toilet paper for $3 plus tax! Not too shabby if I do say so myself. It breaks down to 25 cents per roll.

My second happy deal came about with this year's start of Viva Italian at Publix.

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Publix had these Hunt's can's on BOGO for $1.99. The deal I worked was this: I bought 10 making 5 free.Next, I used the $2 off Publix  Q and (2) $1/5  Hunt's sauce Qs.

I paid $5.95 OOP for 10 cans!!! WOOT, WOOT! This deal breaks down to 60 cents a can. I saved $13.95

Another great deal I snagged was on some A&W root beer. I didn't get a picture before I put it away.... oh, well. The 2 liters were on BOGO. I bought 4 and used (4) 75 cent off Qs and I got them for 25 cents each. These 2 liters are nice to hold onto for parties and guests.

Who doesn't like that kind of savings? Yes, I have to put the cans somewhere in the mean time, but for 60 cents each. You won't find that kind of price for quite sometime!!

Thanks for reading another chronicle in the of my family saving. As always, keep it simple and significant.

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