Monday, July 16, 2012

Teacher Cheapies

I love the school supply commercial where a school teacher is purchasing a lot of school supplies for her classroom and in the next check out lane she sees her husband doing the same thing for her! Awh, how sweet!
There is no doubt that it isn't hard to spend a good chunk of money for stuff you need. State lead money gets less and less each year and you can only write off so much on your taxes.

I found this list from the Frugal Girls and I wanted to share a few links and such with you. Please visit the website for more.

Barnes and Noble Teacher and Home School Educator Discount: 20% off!
Books-A-Million Teacher Discount = 20% off  in-store or 10% off online!
**I like to check out BIG LOTS for clearance books and I sometimes shop at Thrift stores. If you have friend or know someone with kids/teens, see if they are willing you donate some books if they are cleaning out their closets! Some book stores also offer extra discounts during teacher appreciate week.**

Michaels Teacher Discount = Extra 15% off Every Day. If you’re a teacher, just flash your educator I.D. the next time you’re checking to get your discount!

Jo-Ann’s Teacher and Home School Educator Discount: 15% off
**Check out your local Dollar Tree because you can sometimes score some cute bulletin board boarder for $1!**

OfficeMax Discount
**Keep an eye out for back to school sales and coupons**
FREE Legoland Admission for California and Florida Teachers 2012
If you’re a teacher in FL, CA, or TX, you can score FREE or BOGO  Admission to Sea World in 2012

Here are some resources that I use or plan to:
Check out the website: Teachers Pay Teachers for teacher created Freebies and Cheapies. Just create an account and download what you want. gives you links to cheapies and freebies. At my school, our reading coach uses this site to order free magazines for our reading classrooms. What a great way to create a literacy rich environment! Here is the link for the freebies. is a website where you can buy and download quizzes, study guides, essay topics etc for MANY books and stories. This is a good time saver. is a cool site for cheap/free current events with discussion questions. You can also sign up for a free DVD once a year. is online coupon code database for a variety of sites and stores.

I know there are probably a lot more resources out there for teacher's to take advantage please. Let me know and I will post or take initiative and spread the word yourself.

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