Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Stinky Numer 2

I think I would be hard pressed to find a mommy who enjoys dealing with and changing poopy diapers! Gag. This is one of my least favorite mommy duties. I pawn it off on daddy whenever I can. I mean just this morning, I had my daughter dressed in her cute 4th of July outfit and it did not last 5 minutes because Avery had an explosive #2 firework in her diaper and had to be changed.
A lot of mommies-to-be ask for Diaper Genies on their registries, but I on the other hand did not because I kind of think that they are just glorified trash cans. The refill cartridges are a little pricey so I did not want to commit to this baby item. No disrespect playtex and mommies who love them.

In my daughter's nursery, we have a regular step garbage can that we use for her diapers. However, this regular garbage can cannot completely mask and contain the poopy diaper stink. There is nothing worse than walking into your baby's room and being hit with a poopy odor! I wouldn't want to sleep in a room with that smell, so I will not make my daughter suffer either. (I wonder if she even notices the smell?)

On Avery's changing table, I keep these Sassy Diaper Sacks:
You can find this item at Wal-Mart, Target, etc for about $2.00 in the baby aisle. This is a much cheaper alternative and it does almost the same thing. I just tie off the bag with "Avery's goodies" and toss it in the garbage bin. These are great to have in your diaper bag too for when you are out and about and your little one let's one rip!

And for some extra #2 related reading, here is an interesting article on poop from parents magazine entitled , "All about Poop"

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