Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Runny Nose of Doom

So my daughter had her first runny nose this week. Big deal right?! No, not really. I am sure that it will be the first of many, but let me tell you I was very concerned that she might be sick. You see, my husband had a sinus infection/cold thing and he was miserable for a couple days.

Avery has been a very healthy baby (Thank you Lord) and as a new mom I have never dealt with my child being sick yet. I am not too proud to admit that I googled "baby with runny nose" and browsed a few pages to get some background information. I felt sorry for my daughter because I probably made her more uncomfortable than her runny nose did. She has never particularly cared for me or her dad messing with her nose/face (ex-wiping her mouth after eating solids). So, coming at her with a bulb syringe to suck the snot out of her nose to her is like a medieval torturing device! Of course, she reacted the same way when I used wet wipes or damp tissues.

I put out a mommy 911 on facebook to seek out info on how other mommies deal or have dealt with runny noses. I must admit that I did learn some new tricks such as Vics baby rub on the chest and feet. I knew about the chest because I have done that, but the feet thing was new. Did you know that a runny know is a sign on teething? I didn't.

Additionally, it was recommended that I purchase a vaporizer. While I don't think that it is necessary for THIS runny nose, I do think that it is a purchase I should make in the future to have on hand. My Aunt recommended steam from a hot shower and we could play for a while in the bathroom! Kind of sounds like fun. Someone on my hubby's FB recommended that we try "Boogie Wipes."

I am so thankful for all the suggestions from all my mommy friends out there. It really is such a blessing to know that I can ask for help or guidance from those "who have gone before me!" This is just a shining example of how it really takes a village to raise a child.

Side note: Now I am sick with a stuffy nose and a on-again-off-again sore throat! Just my luck right? Does anyone want to come take care of me? All I ask is that you don't try and use the "snot sucker" on me!

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