Saturday, August 10, 2013

First Week Reflections

So my first week of year five as a teacher is winding down. Here is a little bit of what I have been up to or dealing with throughout the week:

Picking out what to wear on the first day of school! I did this every year when I was in elementary school (probably middle and high school too). My sister and I would put of a fashion show of sorts in our new school clothes. Just my luck, there would usually be someone wearing my same outfit back in those days! Do you remember that feeling?

I've been helping students find their classes on campus. The freshman are wide eyed and in a hurry to get to where they need to be out of middle school conditioning and fear of getting lost on the first day.

Meeting new students and trying to learn names as fast as you can. This is resolved through name games, singling out chatty or disruptive students or just making them sit in a seating chart day one.

Shortened 1st period schedule due to extended home room or senior class meeting. Another favorite is a lengthened 4th period because the buses are late. Where's my overtime for that "little nugget?"

I have been unable to take my class to the library to check out their textbooks or library books. Some of my textbooks were not ordered so I am short on those. Additionally, the library system was having issues! Gotta love technology, right? No matter ho well you put together your lesson plans, there can always be something that throws a wrench into everything which forces you to go to a plan B.

Like any good teacher, during the first few days, I have introduced, reviewed, and repeated my rules, procedures, expectations 3-4 times. The goal being to have better classroom management. Usually, I end up repeating myself her and there, but like any intro to ed class or experienced teacher will say if you don't make the effort to enforce rules and procedures day will have a harder go of it as the year goes on.

Overall, it has been a great first week of another great year. I look forward to all the adventures (and frustrations) that may come. I hope that the lessons I teach and the lessons I myself learn are simple, but significant.

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