Monday, August 5, 2013

I want, but I do not need

Have you ever wanted something, but it was expensive? This is the boat I currently find myself in as I pine for a new camera. My husband and I looked for a new camera last year and he ended up purchasing a very nice Nikon Cool Pix camera. I was happy with the camera, but I was really hoping for a DSLR. I agreed with my hubby (and still do) that a DSLR camera was expensive. A year or so later, I still think the Nikon is a nice camera and we have taken lovely pictures with it, but in the back of my mind the DSLR is still calling to me.

Recently on a Facebook resale site, I was in talks to buy an advertised Canon Rebel 35mm. I thought I would be getting a DSLR, but at the last minute the seller told me it was not a digital camera. Bummer! It just goes to show that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Fortunately for us, no money was lost, but I was left with some disappointment.

During the aforementioned "ordeal" my hubby started to come on board with the possibility of a DSLR purchase. Yay! However, we are still ever mindful of the spending a good deal of money. Thanks to Dave Ramsey and being cheap purposeful spending habits. I mean $500 plus dollars is almost a mortgage payment. We just don't go throwing money around willie-nillie when there are more important needs (debts, bills etc) over wants.

So why not buy a used camera on Ebay or at a resale store? I am all for not paying retail, but I am cautious about defects and the lack of warranty. I would be perfectly happy buying a camera off someone if it came down to it or even a floor model. Of course, we would be mindful of the source.

Where do we go from here? Well, this is what I have decided for the time being---rather than just take money out of savings (which we could do anytime), I am going to save with a goal in mind. This is the slower, more responsible route, but it what I am comfortable doing for the time being. I have some tutoring jobs lined up for some extra money beginning this month so that is where this extra money is going to go I think.

I thought a savings shadow box, like the one shown here would be a cool idea.
However, the hubby said that wasn't a good idea to have a lot of money hanging around the house. I understand his point and I do agree....but it's a great visual for goal setting. Nonetheless, forward we go. I know I will find a great deal if I am patient. There are great back to school and electronic sales in the fall and let's not forget that the holidays are right around the corner too!
I am excited even though I will have to wait it out. Saving slowly is just another simple, but significant part of my financial life. What is on your "I really want it, but it's expensive" list? What are you doing to try and get it?

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