Saturday, September 28, 2013

Coupon Confession: I Got Lazy

Now, you guys know I love me some coupons! There is no doubt about that but I must admit that I've gotten a little lazy with my couponing lately. GASP! Say it isn't so?

Over the summer, I was Couponing all over the place a couple days a week, but now that I am back to work my motivation is out the window. When I get tired, rest wins out. This is a life motto I've adopted since becoming a mom.
I am not going to stay up late and clip coupons. The hubs and I have our Saturday morning routine where we finalize the shopping list and then I get my couponing stuff together. It might not be the most ideal and organized method, but it generally gets the job done.
I live too far from Publix to take advantage of short sale deals so I've got to consolidate my trips. I am still using whatever Qs and matchups I can each week but my overall savings has gone down a bit. I can't remember the last time I did a good deal at CVS with ECBs through multiple transactions. (Sad face)

I did manage to snag a good deal on some Pampers wipes today at Publix. These 72 count wipes were priced $3.29. I used a .50/1 mfr Q and a $2/1 any Pampers item Publix Q. My OOP was .79!! I love baby item cheapies.
Anywho, I am hoping to get my coupon mojo back. I plan on reading the blogs, discussion boards, and Facebook pages for my favorite coupon groups more frequently! Starting.....tomorrow. Procrastinators and busy moms of the world unite TOMORROW!

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