Monday, September 2, 2013

Lunch Date with My Love

How sad is it that I don't remember the last time my hubby and I went out without Little Miss? When was the last time we went out without other people and it was just us? Now hear me out--it's not that we haven't had the opportunities here and there but when given the choice of going out or staying home I have chosen to be a homebody couch potato. There's no shame. I've been tired. My hubby has been tired so home is the best option for two working parents.

This past Sunday we decided to take an outing for lunch since Little Miss was spending the day with my mother in law. So the sweat pants came off in exchange for a pair of jeans and neat top. I fixed my hair and put on some make up for this long over due date. Now if you recall, I've written about the importance of date night before and my opinion has not changed.

I got to pick where we were going for lunch so I chose Chili's. I haven't eaten here since July and it's a place that I know the hubby can eat at with all his pickiness. I ordered our meal because I speak "waitress" from my years of waiting table during high school and college. I ordered because I was trying to avoid the prep cooks messing up the hubs ordered due to his "special instructions."

Our meal arrived after we gorged ourselves on bottomless chips and salsa. I had big mouth sliders and he had chicken fajitas buried under jalapenos.
It was a delicious meal and a lovely start to our afternoon. Of course, I didn't finish my portion of the meal so I got to bring home a doggy bag! I am glad that we splurged on ourselves and reconnected a little with some laughs and lunch. It's just another simple, but significant day in the life of our marriage.

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