Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Simply Annoying

I don't know if this post idea will become a regular thing, but it might! I wanted to share with you one or two things that I find annoying in a non rant and slightly humorous kind of way.

Simply annoying #1: Hanging up clothes

In my house, I am the main laundry doer. This in itself is not a big deal. I don't mind it. Personally, I like to do my own laundry because I will sort it or hang dry items to ensure good care. I find that my "good clothes" or "go to favorites" last longer as a result of this effort. I've already admitted that while I am good at washing the laundry, I am not the best at making sure it gets put away.

What I do find annoying is when I layout laundry to be hung up, sometimes my hubby will go through the pile and only hang up his stuff! Seriously?! Really?!

This is true people. I am not making this up! It has happened more than once at my house. I think to myself in my snarky and vindictive inner voice, "I did all the work of folding and putting away YOUR CLOTHES and you couldn't be bothered to hang up my stuff?!" It's clothes hanging not rocket science or heavy lifting.

I've asked the Hubs about it before and he said, "I wasn't sure where to hang them." While this isn't a great excuse, I can give him some credit because I do have my side of the closet organized into sections. Don't judge my slight OCD!

The Hubs and I have a great relationship, don't get me wrong, but like any relationship there are quirks and hangups. This is just one of ours. I am sure if I asked him to, he could write about something he finds annoying about me. (Hey, that might be an idea for a later guest post.....)

Hanging up my clothes is not something that I am willing to "go to war over." It's a pick your battles kind of thing. I know he appreciates what I do in regards to keeping up with laundry. I appreciate all he does, but only hanging up his stuff and not mine is one of my simple annoyances. Ya feel me?

What do you find annoying? I'd love to know. Please post some of your annoyances or pet peeves in the comments section!

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