Saturday, August 9, 2014

Back to School 2014

Thursday and Friday of this week students returned to school. As for us teachers, we've been cleaning, planning, meeting, a little stressing since the 1st of the month.

I always look forward to the start of a new year with mixed emotions. I am excited to get back to the old grindstone, but part of me will miss being home with Little Miss and taking naps. Yea, I liked naps this summer (and junk food, but I don't feel the need to elaborate on that point).

So what's new in my school neck of the woods?

I was named the new Department Chair! It was very quick and kind of last minute because of some unexpected school changes. I am excited. The Hubs sent me some gorgeous flowers for my first official week! There's a story behind those flowers.
This is something I've been wanting to do for a while. I am glad for the opportunity even if it means extra work. I spent most of my preplanning helping out our new teacher or sitting in meetings.

I got a flat tire on the first day of school and was a little late getting to work. Not how I was hoping to start my day, but it all worked out in the end.

I put together my first teacher appreciation gift for my department. I got this idea and printable from Pinterest! I did my best to sneak into my colleagues' classrooms and leave them as a surprise!

I am teaching five preps this year. This seems to be my average. Honestly, I would love to lighten my load in regards to this a little bit. I have the highest prep number in the department. Maybe next year I can work on this when I help with the department master schedule?

I co-lead my first professional development with my co worker Hannah! We helped other teachers get  familiar with an online website our district provides for us to use to create class websites. I think it went well. We received pretty good feedback.
Well, that about sums up my first week back besides the fact that I have been quite tired by the end of the day. 9 o' clock has been my bedtime for the past few nights. I am hoping I can manage to stay up long enough tonight to watch Divergent.

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