Monday, August 18, 2014

Who told you that?

I am sitting on the couch this evening and Little Miss and I have a very interesting conversation----not just one, but a few times tonight. Here are some snippets:

Little Miss: I am going to Disney World.

Me: Oh really? When are you going to Disney World? 

Little Miss: Tomorrow.

Me: Who are you going with? Papa?

Little Miss: Yes.

[ little later....]

Little Miss: I need a prince to save me.

Me: You are a princess, you don't need a prince. You can save yourself!! #girlpower

[ little later again....]

Little Miss: I want to get married. 

Me: You want to get married? To who? 

Good grief where does she get this stuff? It's fair to say her sweetness made me smile. In fact, it kind of made my day.

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