Monday, August 4, 2014

Laughable Moment: Flower Delievery

What can you do when a planned surprise goes awry? Here's our story....

Earlier this afternoon, my husband calls me to let me know his ETA home for dinner and then he proceeds to ask me a very odd question, "Did you get anything at work today?"

Besides more paperwork and a piling up to-do list, "No, I didn't."

{Growing perplexed and curious}

The Hubs: "What do you mean? I sent you flowers!!" {You can hear the anger rising and the genuine dismay at a ruined surprise.}

I did my best to reassure him it was more than likely a small accident or oversight and that they are probably in the front office of the school. I was still delighted at the thoughtfulness of his gift. I LOVE GETTING FLOWERS and I LOVE SURPRISES!

But what can you do? Get mad? Sure. Laugh? Why not. Appreciate the love and sentiment of your spouse? Without a doubt---absolutely--hands down!!

I can't wait to go to the front office first thing in the morning and collect my flowers and show them off in my classroom. It warms my heart to know that he was thinking about me. (See my back to school post for more details as to why he sent me flowers later this week!)

It really is the thought that counts! I'll post a picture on Instagram tomorrow of my flowers.

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