Sunday, January 4, 2015

{Project 365} Day 4: Miss Sally

 For today's 365 picture, I decided to focus on my dogs. I am sure this will not be the first time they make their appearance throughout this year! What I like about this picture is that I caught some light in her eyes. I tried to use the natural light filtering through my front door. Additionally, I love that the focus is just on her face and you get that close up look with a strong blurry background. I am not sure if I captured the half light on her face, but I tried.  Please feel free to comment, critique, and encourage.


  1. I love this photo so much. I find that my dogs are so hard to capture because the attention span simply isn't there so catching their eyes is always a case of hit and miss! I love the amount of expression that you have caught in this shot ♥

    1. My two fur babies are quite hard to capture in pictures because as soon as I move towards them, they move towards me for love and affection! Thank you for the nice feedback and encouragement, Sally is my newest dog. We've only had her a little over a week. She is definitely part of the family now.