Sunday, January 11, 2015

{Project 365} Days 8-11

Yes, I got little behind on post my 365 pictures. If I am being honest, I also got a little lazy taking out the DSLR the last few days for the project. All the following pictures were posted to my IG and were taken with my phone. On the bright side, I am glad to be sticking with it so far. I feel guilty when I think of not doing it. All good signs, right? I am thankful for the bethadilly challenge prompts. They are keeping me task oriented.

Day 8 Circle
Day 9 Simple moment of play time involving crayons.
Day 10 Warm Chinese Dumplings. We splurged on some take out Saturday. It was so worth it!
Day 11 Favorite Sunday Pot Roast for dinner. I think it's a little funny that my last two pictures revolved around food.

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