Sunday, January 4, 2015

30 Before 30: Bible Study

If you've been paying attention, you know that I've thrown the gauntlet down with a big to do list before I turn the big 30 in October. I wrote about painting and buying a new dog most recently, but behind
scenes I have started a bible study.

Unfortunately, I am doing this bible study alone, but I think for now it is a good thing. The accountability is square on my shoulders. I am learning so that is a wonderful thing! I definitely feel a a calming when I am reading and studying.

I have been doing my study on the book of John. I am actually following the website She Reads Truth. I stumbled upon them on Pinterest. I didn't buy the study journal they offer. Instead, I am reading the required verses and reading my footnotes that are for the verses. The explanations and history are insightful (as they should be in study bible).

Last night, I came across this bible study acronym called SOAK which sounds like a good idea for me to try since I don't have the bible study journal book (and since I am doing this one solo). It is a method that has been used by other ministries and other websites. The quick gist is this: 

S – The S stands for Scripture (read)
O – The O stands for Observation What stands out to you? What do you learn about the character of God from these verses? 
A – The A stands for Application What is God saying? Are there changes you need to make?
K – The K stands for Kneeling in Prayer 

I have got a couple weeks before I am officially done with this one, so please be in prayer for me. This is not about the 30 before 30 as much as it is about growing closer with my Lord. God bless you all!

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