Saturday, October 4, 2014

Reunion: Class of 2004

I just went to my 10 year high school reunion.

OMG. 10 years-- Where the heck did time go? I don't feel a decade older. It's like I never left! (This is a very literal statement. I work at my high school alma mater).


How was it?

In one word (probably more since I am blogging about it) AMAZING! I know other people might think much less of their high school reunions, but not me. Sure, there was a time a few months back where I wasn't sure about the whole thing because it wasn't being planned well and I was anticipating a rush, thrown together soirée. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to help, but I wasn't about to stress myself out and run around like a chicken with its head cut off because of it.

Luckily our class VP who took over the planning a couple of months before knew how to delegate and because her planning everything turned out fantastic. So much so, we have a plan for the next one.

It was a small-ish gathering throughout the weekend starting with a homecoming football game. I wondered for a while looking for my classmates. It took my a while but eventually I found them and our group started to grow. Some people were trying the fashionably late approach.
Saturday was done in two parts. First we had a family picnic at the local park. It was a lovely day. The weather held out long enough for the kids to play and the adults to catch up. There were lots of hugs shared and moments of reminiscing through laughs, pictures and random stories.

Th conclusion of our reunion weekend was the adult night out to one of our high school hang outs. I arrived early to setup my photo booth and display the class time capsule.

I had a wonderful time working the photo booth for the party. I had one of my Besties Hannah helping me make props and drag people to have their picture taken. It was our goal to get at least one picture of everyone. There were times that photo booth room was bouncing with lots of fun. It makes me feel good about my contribution when people say they want copies of my pictures!

Here are some pictures of me from that night:

I think it's also quite interesting to see where people end up ten years after high school. Many of us are married or divorced with kids. Others find themselves traveling the world for their jobs. There are quite a few people in the medical profession in some way, education, cosmetology or law enforcement.  

Side note, it's important to reach out to people beyond Facebook. A lot of people do not interact or use FB regularly so they didn't know about the reunion. Part of our plan for next time is to gather a lot of home addresses and use "snail mail" for some of our communications.

Things I will remember for quite some time:

  • How LuLu can make a comment that makes everyone almost pee their pants.
  • The look on Jeremy's face with he saw Casey M and Jon F (priceless)!
  • People arriving to the reunion already tipsy and later trying to take their picture.
  • Friendships that are timeless.

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