Wednesday, December 24, 2014

30 Before 30: Part 3

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Are you you properly caught up? Good!

What do you think we've been trying to cross of the list next? To be perfectly honest, the one "item we've focused on recently was one of the things I thought we WOULDN'T DO in all actuality.

The Hubs and I have been looking at getting another dog, a corgi, very seriously. This whole idea started to snowball about two weeks ago. The Hubs matter of factily said I think it's time for another dog.

We've toyed with the idea before, but it never went further than that. This time he started making calls and searching the internet! {this let me know if was serious this time!} I reiterated the fact that I didn't want another "big dog" {medium to large breed}. I wanted a small dog and if we were getting one I really wanted a corgi. We've both had experience with the breed and we know they are great when properly trained. For those of you unfamiliar with the breed here is a picture of one randomly pulled from the internet. This is a red and white Pembroke corgi.

This is the breed of choice for the Queen of England!

Now, as our search began, we started by laying out our criteria or what we were looking for in our potential new fur baby.
  1. Young adult (less than 5)
  2. House trained
  3. Good with kids
  4. Good with other dogs
  5. Crate trained (optional)
  6. Leash trained (optional)
  7. Cost less than $300
The first place we checked was local animal shelters and rescues. The Hubs and I adopted our first dog, Morgan, and she is awesome! There are great dogs (and cats) looking for forever homes. In our case, however, looking for a corgi makes our search very specific limits adoption.

Next, I started contacting Florida breeders via email. I spent a couple of hours over the course of these last couple weeks looking for contact information and checking listings. I did end up find a breeder in West Palm Beach who had almost exactly what were we looking for, but she wanted $1000 for him which gave us a pause because it was a good over our price point. Plus, 3 hours is a long drive to check out a dog and possibly not like him or have our dog not get along with this new "fur friend." So the search took a break on our party.

Of course, by this point, my Hubby mentioned our dog search to his mother who in turn mentioned it to his grandmother and they were getting us numbers of people they knew from showing dogs or recommendations.

Fast forward to yesterday....the Hub's grandmother calls. "I think I may have found you a corgi." It turns out a breeder not far from us decided she was ready to find a new home for one of her dogs. The breeder, Ms.Linda, did not want to breed this little lady anymore and was willing to place her with a new family for FREE! According to the owner, this little lady met all our criteria so needless to say we were excited and made arrangements to visit the next day.

Here is Sally's first picture on the ride to her new home today! I promise to post more cute pictures soon.

She is a four year old, tri-colored Pembroke with AKC papers. When we first met her she was super sweet and loved all the attention she got from me and Little Miss. We were smitten.

The next hurdle in this new adventure is acclimating her with our first dog, Morgan and our home. This will take sometime and patience. Luckily, I am vacation and I have the time to give both our girls some attention.

Well, that;s the long-short version of this "doggie tail" (pun intended). I will do a follow up post down the road.

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