Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Confession

Hope. Want. Work. Time.

This is not a resolutions posts because most resolutions fade and become forgotten.  I feel the need to write (say) what I would like or how I want the next year to be with a hint of honesty.

I have the tendency to be lazy sometimes. Other times, it isn't laziness, but more prioritizing my life, my needs. I don't blog everyday. I could if I got up earlier or stayed up later. I know there are things that I could say here, but you get the point.

Here are a couple goals I wish to focus on. I find that lists are helpful a me I will continue to use them to keep me organized. {I really should print some to have them more visible }.

Bible Study
In the last couple weeks before I go to bed, I've been doing a bible study from She Reads Truth. Honestly, I feel like I've learned which is great because I want to learn and grow closer to God. I've lost my way in the last few years. Wandered seems to be a good word. As a family, we need to find a church. A place where we all feel comfortable. Back to bible study, I recently purchased a journal on the book of Philipians. I asked if anyone wanted to do it with me, but no one did so I guess I am doing it on my own.

Find my photography voice
Can you believe that this time last year I was looking forward to my first photography class? I had never shot in manual mode. I'd only had my for a couple of months. The last 6 months of 2014, I managed to do 5-6 photo sessions which was a scary, fun filled, and tiring adventure. I want to grow and expand my photography! There is so much to learn. I yearn to grow, but I have got to put in the time. I think my niche will eventually fall somewhere with Tweens, teens, and families/couples.

As mentioned earlier this week, I am going to attempt 365 project. Everything that I have read mentions that this is a growing and learning procress. I have got to push myself to try new skills and attention to detail.....make mistakes. Within this project, I hope to work more with manual and make it more second nature.

Be a Present Parent
Less distractions. Less worry about what us to "get done" and more time being in the moment as a parent. I have one child and I want her to know (or feel) that her father and I are there for her. Our love and attention are ever present. This is by no means an anthem to throw away my me time or delete all of my social media, but more of a reminder to strive for/ continue to put the most important things in my life first. I want us to go and do things as a family. I want to teach her and show her so many things, but it isn't about making large lists and outlandish plans.  It starts at home in our everyday and extends out from there. I am not perfect. I won't be EVER! I will be there. I will be consistent. I will be her rock and safe place. I will be her companion. I will be her mom.

Where do your thoughts lie on as we approach the last hours of this year? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? Where do your difficulties lie?

Life is not always simple or easy, but it is significant in so many ways.

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