Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Photographer Wishlist Update 4

In April, I shared my original  "wishlist" of things I would like for my photography hobby and the first update and the second update soon followed.

Here is the original list stands presently:
  1. A new lens up to 250-300 mm for distance and eventually maybe a macro lens
  2. Lens Brush for cleaning 
  3. Clear filter cap for lens
  4. Kelly Moore camera bag (or a large Michael Kors bag)
  5. Photoshop elements or lightroom
  6. Take a class or have time to learn editing in above programs
  7. A personalized or decorative camera strap from Etsy. 
As you can see, the original list is complete except for the macro lens. Did I actually finish one of my plans? Yes, I think I did. {high five to self}

If I am being totally honest, I can live without a macro lens for now. I have recently found a new lens (Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II)
 that I am wanting REALLY, REALLY bad!!! If only I would have put it on my Christmas list? LOL

The "wanting" of this lens began when my photographer mentor suggested I get a lens with a lower F-Stop with help with the grain in my pictures. So on Amazon I went to see what was offered. Additionally, I looked at other photographer suggestions and critiques. The price is not outrageous, but that also concerns me about it's quality. I am really interested to see how it does with portraits.

In regards to my photo shop workshop, it was quick. I wish it would have been longer and had more opportunity to practice, but that is the thing with PS you have got to work with it and watch tutorials. I am still learning. Youtube is very helpful.

Other things that I have acquired that was not originally listed: camera hoods, PS actions, and a tripod. I really like PS actions especially the free ones! I got the tripod on a black Friday sale at Wal-Mart. It's not the highest caliber, but for $10 it was worth grabbing to try out.

What have you purchased or acquired recently for one of your hobbies or interests?

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