Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Great Door Locking

Yesterday, my  lovely little Miss locked her dear sweet self in her bedroom! Okay, mom....stay calm! Intro the nervous shakes and adrenaline rush. The voice in my head was like, "Ermahgerd, meh baybay!!"

So what to do next? Look for a screw driver. Okay, easier said than done at my house. I looked in the kitchen draws and catch all basket. Nope. Next, I run to the garage and see that as usually all of my husband's tools are locked up tighter than Mount Doom and there is no way I can get in there.
Mental dialogue then changed to the Macaulay Culkin home alone scream!!!

My daughter is starting to get more frustrated at the fact that she's still in her room so I try and calm her through the door, "It's okay. Mommy's here."

Now what? Break down the door? Fat chance. Bust out her window? Again, not a good option. Who can I call to help? I failed to mention earlier that my hubs is not at home or nearby. We are not on friendly terms...they be kinda shady.

I have one more card to play before I end up calling the fire department. I call our family friend, Darin, and pray that he's home. Ring, ring. Ring, ring. Hello? Mental dialogue then changed "HALLEJUAH!!" The angelic choir sings! I explain what happened and he is on his way. Whew. Small relief.
At this point, Avery might have been in her room for 3-4 minutes. I go back to the garage in hopes of finding a screw driver just lying around on one of the shelves. I then notice the tool box on the floor that doesn't appear to be locked. BINGO! I pulled out three drawers before I came across a draw full of screwdrivers. I grab three and head to my daughter's bedroom door.

I successfully get the outer door knob off, but the door is still locked. WTF! Avery starts to pull on the knob now that it's loose. I hold it until Darin arrives with the "magic unlocking tool!" Door opens. Avery is standing there with tears in her eyes. I scoop her out and hug her and kiss her!

I know it was more traumatic for me than her. Darin gave me the "magic unlocking tool" and it now resides where I can find it in case this happens again. Darin, being the hero, even stayed and put the door knobs back on! After he leaves, I call my hubby and let him know what happened and that it is all okay. Yes, after the fact. In my mind, there was no need to freak him out while it was all going on because then he would freak me out more!

I know that this is going to be one of my funny mommy stories, but living it was a rush. Not something I would like to experience again if I have a choice. It is just another simple and significant memory for the mommyhood file! Until next time......

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