Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 6: A Life Well Lived is Worth Remembering

I have modified today's post because the preplanned challenge topic did not apply to me and my life. So today, I am going to write about a special person in my life who passed away a few months ago, my Aunt Jan. I wrote this in my journal the day of her funeral.Things I will remember.....

Aunt Jan was strong and steady until the end. She was a pillar in our family.

She got up way too early in the morning, but she could cook a mean breakfast. She loved her coffee. There was morning coffee, afternoon coffee, and "I'm stressed out" I need a cup of coffee (cream, no sugar).

Of course there were here favs....oreos and M&Ms. The food network was a mainstay on the TV. Books! Aunt Jan loved books! It's a family trait that many of us shared. She read books so fast that her skills rivaled that of the "Rain Man." We would share and talk about books throughout our family constantly. This is probably why we are all so smart---sometimes too smart for our own good.

Aunt Jan loved Harry Potter books and movies. She would get as excited as me when there was a new book or movie. Of course, Aunt Jan was notorious for not being able to finish a movie because she would fall asleep not long after it started.
She came to see me at the hospital when I was in labor with my daughter. She loved Avery very, very much. She would monopolize her attention or steal her away from my other aunts. It  makes me sad that Avery will not know her directly, but I know that she will most definitely know of her for many years to come. When I am alone with my daughter, in those quiet moments during tubby time and night- night time, I think of my Aunt Jan. My heart runneth over.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. We had our Christmas dinners each year at Aunt Jan's house. She was the "Queen of Prime Rib!" Her home was always welcoming and chaotic with all of the family, cousins, and friends gathered together. She would fuss that the boys should help clean up, or that Aunt Brenda was hovering again (usually around me putting the Christmas Salad together). I find it difficult to imagine this holiday any other way. Especially when I was finally allowed to sit at the "grown up" table sometime in my early 20s.

So as I stuff my face with chocolate, drink my morning or afternoon cup of coffee, lay on the couch with my latest book, feed my daughter goldfish crackers or gather around a Christmas tree.....I will always remember my Aunt Jan. Our loved one may not be here with us. but they never really leave us.

Her life was simple and significant to all those who had the blessing to know her or the privilege to call her family.

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