Thursday, July 10, 2014

Family Outing Hassles and Hangups

Do to ever feel like a big "fuddy-duddy" hermit who never really feels like going anywhere?  Yeah, as slightly shameful as it is to admit we've got that problem.

Th Hubs and I can come up with a list of excuses or be uninspired when it comes to choosing what to do:

  1. That's too long of a drive.
  2. Too hot (Florida problems)
  3. Too crowded (sorry you won't catch us at Disney world anytime soon)
  4. Too expensive
  5. Too late in the day
  6.  I don't think she's (Little Miss) is old enough for that yet.

Eventually, someone gets mad and we scrap the entire idea and are left with nothing to do, but stew about how we have nothing to do at home. Do you see the pattern? It's a rather sad and frustrating experience especially since we have a small family of three. You would think we would be a lot more flexible. I don't think we're horrible for not wanting to run ourselves ragged. I mean, we both work full time and with an energetic 2.5 year old; we have to be able to have fun and function.

One of this things I have tried doing this summer is to make a list of activities and places I would like to go to and we try and make it happen. Other times, it's more spur of the moment. Both of the options work when we are willing (that's the key isn't it?)

One of the spur of the moment outings we recently did was going to Build-A-Bear and a petting zoo. Build-A-Bear was cute, but very expensive! She very much wanted shoes and skates for Twilight Sparkles, but it would have been another $60 +. We told her next time. She's still hasn't forgotten that promise yet!
 She knew immediately which animal she wanted! That's my girl.
 The Build A Bear experience was cute. The employees made it fun and so interactive.
 Daddy absolutely loves places and outings like this one. Can't you tell?
Little Miss couldn't stop talking about how much she loved her new pony. As big as it is, she's slept with it every night. She has a menagerie of animals in her little toddler bed.

Here are a couple quick shots from the farm. She loved feeding the animals! She would feed them one piece at a time. It was cute.

I suppose the "moral" of this story for us is to stop talking about it and just do it because we had fun each time. Sometimes we must overlook the hassles to make the memories.

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