Saturday, March 15, 2014

Newbie Photographer Wishlist

Have you ever had or known someone who had a hobby that required accessories usually with a price tag? My hubby likes to shoot his gun and I like to shoot too with my camera.

Photography is a rather new hobby for me since I got my DSLR in last fall. I love taking pictures especially when they turn out well. I even took a photography class you might recall where I learned about the photographer's triangle for shoot in manual.

Well this morning, I was looking through the workbook from that class and I was making a mental list of items/accessories that I would love to have to go along with my picture taking or things that Mandy, the photographer, recommended.

Here is a list of those accessories (in no particular order):
  1. A new lens up to 250-300 mm for distance and eventually maybe a macro lens
  2. Lens Brush for cleaning 
  3. Clear filter cap for lens
  4. Kelly Moore camera bag (or a large Michael Kors bag)
  5. Photoshop elements or lightroom
  6. Take a class or have time to learn editing in above programs  A personalized or decorative camera strap from Etsy. 
Of course if you know me, I am not one to go out and splurge or my wants without a second thought. I will save and wait. The slow and steady method works well for me. It's not like I am trying to start a professional business or anything. I like taking pictures of my family, friends and my classroom. Of course, I can't leave out taking pictures on my phone and posting them on my Instagram (insert shameless plug for followers!)

I'll keep you apprised of of how my wish list comes along as time goes on. What's on your personal wish list for your current hobby, house or life? Post your wishes in the comments sections and we can dream together!

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