Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Reflections 2014

I hope that you had a family filled, blessed, and Christ centered Easter (or Resurrection Day)! We here at the Simple Significance house had a great time with our friends and family this year.

There were some first for me this year:

1. I cooked my first prime rib roast. Prime rib was pretty intimidating in my head, but it is really as simple as seasoning it and putting it in the over to cook and then letting it rest. The hubs did the carving!

Looks delicious, right? My hubby was carving it while I was taking pictures. He said I was making him nervous so hurry up before he lost a finger!

2. I ate parsnips for the first time.

I came across this carrot and parsnips recipe on Pinterest and I thought, "wow! That looks amazing---I must try it." Well, I didn't have all the ingredients that the recipe called for, but I figured a simple oven roast would do and boy it was!

3. I decorated for spring for the first time. Trust me it wasn't much, but I'll do better next year.

Overall, it was a lovely weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family! They are the best. Here are some pictures pictures from our festivities like our family picnic and Easter egg hunt.

I love the pure excitement and joy in this one.

Do you see that wad of candy she is packing away in her cheek?

 May we keep the true reason for Easter ever present in our hearts and minds.God bless.

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