Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Three Snacks

{My Three} A simple list of three things — a different topic — every week, just for fun.

Play along if you like (please do). Leave your list or a link in the comments. Inspired by Little Miss Momma

1) Cheese sticks- I really like cheese. Yup. I do. All kinds of cheeses. When I am at a party or get together and there is a cheese tray I am all over it. It's not so good for the constipation in large quantities, but sometimes it's worth it.

2) Watermelon- I love a good watermelon (preferably seedless). The combo of sweet and cool is just right. When I was pregnant with Little Miss through those hot summer months here in Florida, I swear we went through a watermelon a week.

3)  Caramel Rice Cakes- if I am going to eat a healthy snack option that resembles cardboard it better taste know what I mean? And hat it what I get with caramel rice cakes. I even keep some in my class to give to the occasional "starving" teenager who isn't going to make it to lunch without eating their book.
Well dear readers, I shared my three now what are yours? You can leave your list or a link in the comments!

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