Thursday, April 17, 2014

Life Snap Shot 2

Inspired by a post from Pip. Here is a little life snap shot of yours truly. Play along. Answer a few in the comments or leave a link if you post.

Making : This blog post while my family sleeps.
Cooking : pancakes for breakfast
Drinking : Coffee with Irish creamer and one Splenda.
Reading: The Elite (book 2 of a series) by Kiera Cass
Wanting: To create a My Simple Significance Facebook page
Looking: We are going to look at trucks today for the Hubs.
Playing: Not right now, but I introduced Little Miss to Fruit Ninja
Wishing: I had more time to learn photo editing software.
Enjoying: The quiet and accomplishing the simple fact I can get some blogging done in the morning.
Waiting: For Little Miss to wake up, but enjoying the quiet "alone" time while I can
Liking: taking pictures. I love my new camera and my captured moments.
Wondering: If we are going to find a truck today at the right price (see reference to looking)
Loving: Morning cuddle time on the couch with Little Miss watching cartoons.
Hoping: To have a great long weekend with my family for the Easter holiday.
Marveling: God is good. All the itme
Needing: Food soon--it's almost 7 am. I think I will make pancakes
Smelling: My coffee
Wearing: My PJs. No details will be provided :) Ok maybe one....I am wearing socks.
Following: The Pioneer Woman---LOVE her!! I want to try more of her recipes soon.
Noticing: The sun rising through the front door
Thinking: About getting a new hair cut....I will probably go short again.
Knowing: Little Miss can be potty trained with consistency. We've been doing well lately
Focusing: On the days tasks and what I need to do before our company this weekend.
Bookmarking: My Amazon wishlist.
Opening: My new blog series post "Three Favorite Snacks" which launched today.
Giggling: it's too early to giggle.
Feeling: Hopeful overall. 

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