Thursday, April 10, 2014

Learning To Watermark

I learned something new today! Yes, I am giddy with excitement and nerdiness! Don't judge. For my new photography hobby, I've been wanting to learn a little bit about photo editing. My frugal side was hesitant about spending money on Photoshop so I decided I would practice with the GIMP program. It's FREE! Yea, you heard me....FREE!

As you might recall, last weekend in a moment of spontaneity I decided to purchase a custom made water mark and logo via Etsy. Well, my order came in! Happy dance.  Here it is:

What do you think? The seller also made copies in different file versions and colors (like solid black and white). I am happy with it. Plus, I got it for $9.00!

Okay, back to the watermark. Now, that I have a pretty logo to add to my photos my next step was to learn. Like any normal person, I googled it. Yup, that's all it took for me to be directed to a Youtube Tutorial.

I watched it twice and practiced on a couple of photos and I think I go the jist. It's like a fancy copy and paste. Thank You Ashley Bowen for this great tutorial by the way! I will probably be back to your YouTube channel soon! This was great---simple directions and easy to follow.

Here are two of my practice photos. And yes, they are of Little Miss picking at her belly button!

I think my next photo fun project in GIMP might be a new signature for the bloggy-blog! I think I will go an download some new fonts! Until next time......

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