Friday, April 18, 2014

The Hubs Hit A Deer

If you know me personally or follow me on Instagram, you know last week my hubby got in an accident. Thank God that no one was hurt! We are truly blessed because this could have been a lot worse. When I got the call and he told me what happened it was a little surreal.
The culprit behind this accident was a buck running across the road. The road just so happened to be a busy highway. Why was the hubby out and about? He was getting me my Sunday morning coupons. I do not blame the coupons. After he hit the deer, it stumbled into the other lane and actually popped an older couples van tire. Do you know what the Hubs did? He helped them change it while waiting for the highway patrol. Yea, that's the kind of guy he is.

And in case you are we did not keep the deer. A redneck did pull over and take it away so someone out there has a freezer full of venison.
Lucky for us, the Hubs has great parents that let us borrow one of their vehicles until we got ourselves figured out. We've toyed around with the idea about getting a newer truck---but it was just talk. The accident, however, forced our hand and our wallet. Thank the Lord for emergency funds and good credit.

Things were tense and frustrating around the Simple Significance household. As days passed by, we researched and talked to car dealers and insurance adjusters. The price of used trucks is quite frankly outrageous inflated ridiculous. The first place we went to wanted over $10K for a truck that had 195,000 miles on it! You've got to be smoking some good stuff if you think that's a reasonable price.

I felt for my man....he loved his truck. He put a lot of time and energy into and it ran like a champ. He's had it since high school and in fact, it was the truck he took me on our first date on (insert sappy romantic awh)!

Four days after the accident, we attempted our new truck search again. Honestly, neither he nor I were very hopeful. I mean, the Hubs is usually a glass half empty guy as it is, but you got to give him a little break---he was in mourning.

I don't know what it was about today, but we actually did find a new truck. (It was the first place we stopped at!) Can you believe it? Hallelujah!  It was what we were looking for, but most importantly it was in our price range (winner, winner) This truck was not posted on their website and the sales rep didn't know it was there right off the bat, but there she he it was just sitting there all "pretty."

The Hubs inspected this truck up and down--top to bottom. I got to give him credit he definitely knows his stuff and I trust his judgement completely. We both felt right about the purchase.

The dealership was great. They answered all our questions, they weren't pushy, and they were courteous. A+ service. Plus, we did manage to talk them down a little on the price. It never hurts to haggle right?

All in all everything worked out when it was all said and done. We are still waiting to hear from the insurance adjuster about their assessment. Who knows what they'll say. Those things are tricky. Anywho....thanks for going along with us on this journey. As I am finishing up this post, I realize there are no pictures of the lovely leather interior (yes I am kinda rubbing that in) so I will do an update post as soon as I can. If the Hubs will let me near his new "man toy."

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