Monday, April 7, 2014

Me vs The Potty

It's a battle of wills here at the simple significance house and I feel like I am loosing. An overwhelming rush of defeat hits me hard as I stare into the red faced, crocodile filled eyes of my two year old. We are locked in the bathroom. The lines have been drawn and I am at a loss.

Questions fill my head like, "what did I do wrong? Is this my fault? Why is this so hard? What changed? (She used to like trying the potty and sitting and reading her books.) Am I giving in too easily? What can I do different? Where do I go from here?"

Logically and realistically I know that I am not the first mommy or the last to do battle wth a kiddo about the potty. Part of the problem is that I know there is a gap in consistency because my Hubs and I work full time and Little Miss spends most of the day with her Paw-Paw. What can I do in the mean time? It's a few months until summer vacation when I am off full time with her.

Fast forward to the next day.....

Paw-Paw says Little Miss went to the potty by herself a couple times today. She cried and fussed, but she did have to go. My inner mommy voice does a victory dance because at least I know it's not just me she battles. My spirits lift a little.

When we get home, we do our usual routine of a quick snack and some cartoons. Little Miss downed a good sized sippy cup and I waited for my next opportunity. In my defeat in despair last night, I did some reading on potty training. I've read this before, but I've got to admit I needed the refresher.

One of my "take aways" was a potty chart and reward system. I haven't put together or printed a potty chart yet, but it is on my list of things to do. I did try the reward system today with my thin mint girl scout cookies. I don't want to say I bribed my kid to go potty with a cookie, but I did. It worked. Twice. My psychology teacher in me says, "you call it bribery, but I call it reinforcement." #skinner #operantconditioning I am also going to buy "big girl panties" to have on hand for this journey as well.

No one said parenthood was easy is a little cliche, but true. We'll get this. I know we will. It will take time and patience and probably some tears from the both of us. Does anyone want to come help me? LOL Better yet, what potty training advice can you offer this first time mommy?

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