Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Couponalicious: Mama Loves Coffee

Okay readers, I am super excited to share with you my latest adventure in couponing. I have swung a similiar deal like this one at Winn-Dixie before. What makes this deal different was that I used my last $5 off $30 Q! GASP, SHOCK, THE HORROR (too much?...Don't worry, I will be ordering more this afternoon)

Today, I did two transactions. I am so glad I checked the couponing pages this morning or I would have missed out on day one of this deal. Winn Dixie had all K-Cups on sale for $5.99 and they auto deducted $1 off each when you bought five. This is a good deal because most of the K-Cups run $8 plus for a box of 10-12 which is a little pricey. This is why I stock up people. Buy, Buy, Buy when the price is low, low, low!

Transaction #1: Buy 5 boxes (4) Starbucks and (1) New England.
Coupons used: $5/$30, (4) $1.50/1 SB Q, and $2/1 NE Q
Final Price: $12.26 OOP
Savings $38 (75% saved on transaction overall) 
Transaction #2: Buy 5 more boxes (4) Community Coffee and (1) New England
Coupons used: (2) $5/1 Community Q and (1) $2/1 NE Q
Final Price: 12.95 OOP
Savings $31 (70% saved on transaction overall) I totally would have saved more if I would have had another $5/30 Q. Kicking myself on that one.....
Overall, I am super excited to have my coffee stock pile back up. What makes this even better is that I got time to do it again! Nothing tastes better than good coffee at a super cheap price, right?

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