Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekly Wonderings & Musings 6/1/14

When this momma gets some time to herself to unwind sometime between 8:00 pm to 8:30 pm, I like  to read the latest blog posts from the bloggers I follow, waste time on Pinterest, read a little news or a book, and La-dee-da on Facebook. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the highlights from my week.


These pictures made me laugh out loud this week. You know, the silly,dumb, stupid kind of funny that lightens your load a little bit. 

Simple Moments Captured

Simply Lovin'

Skinny Cow Dark Chocolate Dream Clusters--OMG! They are DELICIOUS! They have been my go to chocolate fix here in the afternoons. Like most women, I appreciate a something sweet.

Grateful Wife 

This week I am grateful for my husband's health. He has been battling a yucky virus for the last two weeks or so and he is finally starting to feel better. There is nothing worse than feeling out of sorts while having to work and be a parent/spouse.

Also, I am grateful for the fact that we both share in the household chores. We had a long list of things to do this weekend. You know the normal things that need to be done mop the floors, clean the bathrooms etc. The kind of things that are very easy to put off because no one really wants to do those things, but it is very noticeable when you do. Yuck.

Significant Scripture Focus

Why is it so easy for "us" to loose faith at the slightest bump in the road? God is so amazing. I mean, he is there with us each and every step of our way out of love and devotion. Sometimes we try and walk by our sight and by worldly ideas and institutions only to find that that path is wrong. Any path without God is the wrong path. It takes conscious effort to keep your faith in the forefront of your heart, mind and soul. May I always remember to walk by faith each and everyday. 


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