Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Three Bathroom Essentials

{My Three} A simple list of three things — a different topic — every week, just for fun.

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Today's theme:  Bathroom Essentials (and no I am not talking about toilet paper or tampons! LOL) 

Like most women, I do my getting ready for work ritual in the bathroom and the first essential that popped into my mind was under eye concealer. I was blessed with fair skin and naturally "dark" eye circles. I have them even when I am well rested. Lovely, I know. For me, under eye concealer is my first line of defense when going out in public :) I'll admit that I am not the best makeup-put-on-er in the world. I try and read helpful tips and tricks, but realistically I don't have the time or desire to spend big bucks on "high end makeup"----my drug store brand work just fine. So here's to my first essential under eye concealer. What brand do I use? I really like Almay or Physicians Formula in case you were wondering....

My second bathroom essential is lotion. First, I am a mom with a kiddo kinda sorta still in diapers (almost done knock on wood) and I wash my hands A LOT an inordinate (sounds smarter) amount of times. Don't you hate it when you have dry, itchy hands? I do BIG TIME. Plus, I like to have a variety of smell good, foo-foo lotions. A girl needs variety, right?

Last, but certainly not least my third bathroom essential is....wait for it.....wait for it....a hair claw clip. These little buggers are great for getting my hair out of my face while I "prep my canvas" (ie face) with lotion and primer. Plus, I also use it when I am straightening my hair with the hand-dandy flat iron.

Okay, so you've heard it's your turn. What are your bathroom essentials?


  1. Mascara is mine. It's the last thing I put on when I do my makeup. It's kinda like the cherry on top.

    P.S. LOVE the new layout/template!

    1. You got to have a good mascara!! Thank You. I am so exited to have the new layout up!