Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sleep Picture Party Photo Challenge

One of the things I have been trying to do for my blog is try and promote it through social media and reading/interacting with other bloggers. Today, I am submitting a picture for a linky party at Bower Power. This is a picture of my niece "G" sleeping in my stroller at a softball game. Using my limited editing skills, I played around with the color.

What do you think?I'll be honest, when I first took this picture I wasn't even thinking about "lighting, quality or submitting" it for anything. I just took it because she was passed out and looking all sweet.

What I like about this photo challenge is 1) it is not for professional photographers. According to Katie at Bower Power, "This is for all you wanna-be-or-pro-photographers out there!  Sometimes just knowing other people are gonna see my pictures helps me snap better…so this is for us to improve our camera skills and to add to our own portfolio." 2) People get to see your pictures and offer kind words or suggestions 3) You have a month between link ups and there is always a new theme. 

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