Saturday, July 13, 2013

CVS Run 7/13/13

I had another great day of savings at CVS today that I wanted to share with you. I went into the store with no ECBs looking for deals that would award me ECBs because I needed to buy some diapers. Here is what I did in two transactions.

Transaction #1: (1) box of Always Radiant priced at $3.99 and (1) Gilette Profusion Razor priced at $9.99. I used a $2/1 Always Q and a $8/1 Razor Q I got in the mail from the Gilette. My subtotal was $4.89 (tax included), but I got back $3.00 in ECBs! So my OOP on Transaction #1 was $1.89!

Transaction #2: I purchased (2) Huggies Jumbo packs for $9.99 each. The deal that CVS was running was WYB 2 you would get back $5 in ECBs. So that's why I went for the Huggies over Pampers. I rolled I rolled in the ECBs from my first purchase and used (2) $3/1 Huggies Qs. After ECBs and Qs my OOP was $7.28 for the two packs of diapers (or $3.64 each)! Not too shabby!

Altogether my OOP at CVS today was $9.17 for an savings of 73%! Now that's what I call simple, but significant!

Happy Couponing!

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