Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 26: Crafty Coffee Bar (Part 2)

Welcome back to my journey into home improvement and repurposing! I am lovin' it! My first big project for my home décor "up do" is a coffee bar.  Part one went very well. I am extremely happy with how it is looking.
The second phase for me was to let the paint dry and cure. Next, we followed the drying process with a couple coats of polyurethane. I sent my hubby to the hardware store to pick it up. I feel awkward in a hardware store...maybe it's my lack of testosterone.
The hubs came back with a spray paint poly with satin finish. After the first coat, I didn't think it was coated well . The first coat took the whole can. I requested another coating so back to the hardware store. I am happy with the two coats and the coffee bar is ready to move inside into its nook!

Now, we are not done yet. I still have to repurp the handles of the dresser so be on the look out for part (3) of the Crafty Coffee Bar Series!

Here is what the coffee bar looks like in the house without wall décor:

I am super excited at how awesome this looks! By my calculations, we have about $75 wrapped up in this project so far (not counting the paint for the hardware)! Not so bad considering what we would have been charged to purchase a ready made piece!

Until next time, keep calm and enjoy a cup of coffee!

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