Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 24: Favorite Movie

I. like many people, enjoy a good movie. When my husband and I were dating, we used to go to the movies once a week. Now, we are lucky if we can rent a movie off Amazon! I am not personally a fan of shoot 'em up or gory horror movies, but I don't mind a good action flick with an interesting story line. I prefer Rom-Coms, Chick Flicks, Action Adventure, tear jerker dramas and the occasional cartoon.

I like to buy movies too. They are usually cheaper when they are first released or sometimes ordering them online is a good way to go. Of course, I have been known to wait for Black Friday sales to scoop up a good deal or gift!

Some of my favorite movies include the following:

Harry Potter Series--I love the books and the movies were great. I own them all and I am not  To me, these characters epitomize th idea of love comquers all and good will conquer evil. Overall, I was happy with the book to movie adaptations, which is not something I can say about all book to movie attempts.ashamed to admit that I have the occasional movie marathon. I've laughed and cried with the characters as they grew up and faced danger.

The Wizard of Oz--this is a classic movie. If you have never seen it or watched it there is something seriously wrong with and we probably can't be friends!

I own one of the anniversary edition DVDs. This tale of Dorothy and her adventure on the hello brick road drives home many important themes for me like friendship, family, bravery, and the idea that there's no place like home.

I could probably add more to this list, but this are the two that came to mind first! Do you agree with my two selections? What is your favorite movie?

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