Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 27: Pantry Repurp

So now that coffee bar project s nearly complete, I wanted to continue on this "repurposing" journey by using the remaining paint from the coffee bar redo my pantry door to create "pop color" effect. Here is what it looked like before in it's used manufactured state:

You can definitely see the wear and tear around the handle, but overall it's fine. I mean it's a pantry door, not the wardrobe to Narnia! LOL.

Well, the hubs took it down and sanded it. Then, this little lady got busy painting it. However, we had to get the door back up before Little Miss got back from her visit with Nanny and Papa because this momma was not going to deal with a toddler getting into the pantry every 5 seconds because there is no door.

Once, the door was up (mind you it isn't finished) I could see right away that is was more blue than the coffee bar. Ugh. Now what do I do? I was really kind of hoping that they would match.

After my mini freak out reading online, I realized I probably should have done a base coat of brown, but I also read that all is not lost. I don't have to throw in the towel or go out and buy paint stripper yet.

I am going to sand the edges and try a brown glaze to get the desired distressed effect. I've pinned and read some "how tos" on Pinterest and feel confident I think this might do the trick as long as I don't rush. Here's hoping....

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